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Aero Clean - Aircraft Cleaning and Detailing

Price List 

Description of cleaning service:

Full aircraft wash includes: Debugging, a wipe down of the Fuselage, Underbelly, Top and bottom of wings, and the Empenage. Also includes a wipe down of the interior, windows, and vacuum.

Pre Flight (Quick Turn) Cleaning includes: Debugging, A wipe down of the top of the wing or bottom of the wing depending if the  aircraft is a low wing or high wing type aircraft.  A visual walk around for dirt,debris or oil marks.Windows and vacuum.

Lav Service
Remove the toilet tank, Flush with clean water and recharge the tank with water and clear lagoon additive

Need a service we don't have listed? call and we will get you a price.

Deals available for multiple aircraft or contracts.
Detailing Services

Exterior Services

  • Thrust Reversers
  • Inlet
  • Door Handles
  • Spinner
  • Leading Edges
  • Exterior of Aircraft
We Polish the aluminum with NuShine, depending on the condition of the aluminum will determine the price and time required to polish the aluminum to a mirror like finish.

Pneumatic Boots
We strip the old wax off your boots, and can either apply Goodrich age master to help restore aged boots, or apply the new coats of wax 4 coats at the minimum.

  • Spray wax
  • Machine Compound and Wax
Spray wax is done with a locally made aircraft approved liquid wax that we spray onto the exterior of the aircraft and wipe with microfiber towels to give your aircraft a glossy finish and protect the paint from harmful UV rays.
Machine compound and wax is for oxidized paint jobs. It is a 2 step process first the paint is compounded to remove oxidation then a wax is applied for a glossy finish and to protect from UV rays.

Exterior Visual Sealing
Sealing of exterior items such as 
  • Windows
  • Leading Edges

Interior Services

Leather Seats 
  • Leather cleaning
  • Leather Conditioning 
We use locally made aircraft approved products to clean and condition leather seats. It is a 2 step process that will have your seats looking like new.

  • Spot Cleaning
  • Entire Carpet Dirt/Soil Extraction
For Extraction on the entire aircraft carpet we use "Nuvite Extractor" a rapid drying chemical that will not leave your carpet with a musky/moldy smell.

Remove light scratches from Acrylic windows 
We use "Novus" which is a 3 step system depending how bad the scratches are. Novus 3 Heavy scratch remover, Novus 2 light scratch remover and Novus 1 cleaner and polish. For windows that do not have scratches we use just the Novus 1.

Call for any other interior services you need.

Call for pricing on all Detailing work Prices vary per aircraft

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